Library Management System Engineering Project Abstract

The Library Management System is gaining  more importance as the number of its users are increasing rapidly. As the number is rising there is a need of effective management of library, one such effective system is our Library Management System its designed using VS C++ as front end and SQL 2005 as backend. 

The transactions like login, register, add , search, delete, issue are provided. The Library Management System stores the details like name, address, ID number , Date Of Birth of members working in the library and users who come to library. The details of books like book name, book number, subject to which it belongs , author, edition, year of publication , the total  number of books that are present in the library etc are also stored. 


Basically there are two main modules,they are



Admin Module

The Admin module  stores the details of staff working in the library, the details of students, the details of books,updates the status of books ,adds newly purchased book details to the database ,issues the books,collects fine etc.

User Module

User Module  is  further classified into  two because in an institution for example an engineering college  the user may be a staff or a student.

The users have the functionalities like accessing the books ,search for a book etc. 

The Library Management System provides exact information about the  number of books that are taken by the users, the number of books that are left,date of issue etc   and it even  calculates the fine automatically, thereby reducing the risk present in the manual management of libraries.

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