Latest ECE Technical Seminar Topic On Witricity With Seminar Report

Introduction to  ECE Technical Seminar Topic On Witricity :

In present Day to day life electricity is an essential commodity for smooth running of life. Life without power is un-imaginable but at the same time electricity means wires/cables. If we dream of a concept where we can eliminate all wires in gadget world it will revolutionize the electric world. This concept of wireless electricity is basically termed as Witricity.

Witricity principle works by using coupled resonant objects for carrying of electricity to objects without use of wires. This system consists of an electric transmitter and a receiver.

The working principle of receiver is just as radio receiver where the device needs to be in the range of transmitter. Witricity produces electricity with the use of resonant magnetic field and simultaneously stops any wastage of power. With this system in place we can achieve transmission up to a range of 100 watt.

MIT researchers had power a bulb of 60 watt from an electric transmitter placed at a distance of 7 feet and achieved efficiency to a tune of 40%. To make this possible they used two copper coils each in twenty inches diameter. They are placed so they will resonate together in the MHz range. Here one coil is connected to a power source and other coil to a bulb. This setup transmits electricity to bulb.

Witricity principle is emerging in technological circles. With this principle we can transmit power to tubes, bulbs, cells, cameras and all gadgets which work on lower power. This is non-hazardous to many living organisms. 

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