Latest computer science seminar topics

Final year,,mca and bca students can find latest computer science seminar topics with ppt,pdf, seminar topics and project reports for free download. Computer science students can also find large collection of final year projects with source code in different platforms.

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List of Latest computer science seminar topics:

  1. Real time communication in wireless sensor networks
  2. Semi – Supervised Learning using Graph Kernels
  3. Collaborative Mobile Environments
  4. High Performance Clusters
  5. Distributed Computing
  6. membrane computing
  7. Forecasting
  8. Forecasting
  9. Middleware architecture for Pervasive computing
  10. Query Optimization
  11. Software Code Security
  12. Query Optimization
  13. Network Anomaly
  14. Study of TGREP
  15. Forecasting
  16. Viruses and Worms
  17. Netowork Security
  18. Inter-Operabilty of 802.11e and 802.11
  19. RFID Security
  20. Semi Supervised Learning using Gaussian Process
  21. Quality of Service Routing in computer networks
  22. Wireless Security
  23. Wireless MAN
  24. multi-wordnets
  25. Light-trails
  26. Fault Tolerance in Virtual Machine Environments
  27. Wireless Connectivity for Rural Areas
  28. VOIP Security
  29. Semi Supervised Learning using Gaussian Process
  30. Efficiency / Comparative study of routing schemes in event based systems
  31. Rendering Maths on web with Java Swing
  32. Analysing Software Life Cycle of Different Program Paradigm.
  33. Authoring environments for open source courseware
  34. Integration of Parallel Database in a Service Oriented Architecture
  35. Ontological Relation Discovery
  36. Issues in Middleware for Pervasive Computing
  37. Wireless Connectivity for Rural Areas
  38. Energy Efficient query Optimization
  39. Semi-supervised Learning using Graph Kernels
  40. Comparative study on Authoring Tools
  41. network security
  42. Security Issues in Wireless Networks
  43. Layered versioning for software configuration management
  44. Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control
  45. Telephony Routing over IP
  46. Virtual Private Networks(VPNs)
  47. Holt-Winters technique for Financial Forecasting
  48. Fine-grained Access Control in Databases
  49. Secure Database Service
  50. QoS in Wireless Lans
  51. Classification, Clustering and their Application for Damage Detection in Mechanical Structures
  52. Middleware in embedded systems
  53. Web Search Results’ Ranking: PageRank, HITS and Related Work
  54. Proactive Anomaly Detection
  55. Forecasting using Double Exponential Smoothing Method
  56. Enery efficiency in Wireless sensor networks
  57. Enterprise Security
  58. Seasonal and Adaptive Forecasting
  59. Root cause Localization and analysis of faults[Autonomic Computing]
  60. RFID : Comparative study of Collision Resolution Protocols
  61. Classification clustering and Applications to Intrusion Detection Systems.
  62. Faultolerant Routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
  63. Channel Allocation Algortihms for Mobile Telephony
  64. Middleware for Wireless Sensor Networks
  65. Security On Wireless LAN Adaptive cruise control
  66. Middleware for Sensor Networks
  67. Query Based Fine-grained PageRank
  68. Classification, Clustering and Application in Intrusuion Detection System
  69. Financial Forecasting
  70. Wireless Security
  71. Autonomic computing
  72. Sensor Networks
  73. QoS in VoIP
  74. Proactive Network Anomaly Detection
  75. RFID
  76. Middleware in Embedded Systems
  77. Wireless Security
  78. Voice Routing over IP Telephony
  79. Statistical Forecasting
  80. QOS in software server Firewalls
  81. Classification, Clustering and their Application for Damage Detection in Mechanical Structures.
  82. Fine Grained DataBase Security
  83. J2EE Security
  84. Reliable and Fault Tolerant Routing on Mobile Ad Hoc Network.
  85. VOIP Over Wireless LAN
  86. Database Security
  87. Reliable Multicast
  88. Multicast Congestion Control
  89. Capacity of Ad-hoc Wireless Networks
  90. Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.11
  91. Quality of service in Differentiated Service Architecture
  92. Routing in Sensor Networks
  93. TDMA implementation for QoS routing in Ad Hoc Networks
  94. case Study : A X-By-Wire System , Communication Bus perspective
  95. Approximate string matching for Music retrieval
  96. Spectral Methods for Graph Partitioning
  97. Signal Processing for Networking
  98. Spatial DataMining
  99. Bionetric Authentication
  100. Aspects of Database Security and Program Security
  101. Attacks on Smart Cards
  102. Smart Card Standards
  103. A Probabilistic Approach to Micropayment
  104. Java Security
  105. Information Extraction
  106. Clustering (Data Mining)
  107. Frequent ItemSet Mining
  108. Classification Techniques in Data Mining
  109. Multi-Relational Data Mining
  110. Object Persistence
  111. Distributed Garbage Collection
  112. Agent Mediated E-commerce
  113. Recovery in Main Memory Databases
  114. Optimization of Protocol Stack for wireless networks
  115. Compressed Domain Processing And Video Information System
  116. Introduction to Speech Recognition
  117. Reconfigurable Hardware in Wireless communication
  118. Applications of speech recognition
  119. Geometric Invariants in Biological Molecules
  120. Applications of Graph Theory to Metabolic Pathways
  121. Computational Geometry in Drug Design
  122. Query Processing on Data Streams
  123. Multi-application Framework for Smart Cards
  124. Semi-supervised Learning
  125. Data mining through Active Learning
  126. Text Classification Using Semi-supervised and Active Learning
  127. Relational Data Mining
  128. Dataset Query algorithms in Streaming Mining
  129. Mining Document Streams
  130. Information Extraction from structured & Semi-structured data
  131. Digital Video Editing
  132. Determining Global States of Distributed Systems
  133. Multi Protocol Label Switching
  134. QoS in Wireless LANs
  135. Advanced Queue Management Techniques
  136. Techniques to aid property specification in Model Checking
  137. Deploying WiMax Technology as a Last-Mile Tactical Communication System Voice over IP service
  138. Performance in Satellite Networks
  139. Advanced user authentication for mobile devices
  140. Mobile Cookies Management on a Smart Card
  141. Third Generation Computer Systems
  142. Smart Phone: An Embedded System for Universal Interactions
  143. Dependability in Wireless Networks
  144. Can We Rely on WiFi?
  145. Digital Video and Digital TV:
  146. A Comparison and Future Directions
  147. Computer-Human Interface Solutions for Emergency Medical Care
  148. Operational Considerations of
  149. Using Bluetooth and Sensor Networks for Intelligent Transportation Systems
  150. RFID: A Technical Overview and Its Application to the Enterprise
  151. Security System for Wirereless Local Area Networks
  152. Blu-ray Disc Format
  154. Broadband Wireless Access with
  155. WiMax/8O2.16: Current Performance
  156. Benchmarks and Future Potential
  157. Seven Myths About Voice over IP
  158. Cryptography on a Speck of Dust
  159. Microprocessor Design Issues: Thoughts on Road Ahead
  160. The next generation of computing?
  161. Voice over IP Security
  162. Z-WaveTM as Home Control RF Platform
  163. An Overview of Broadband over Power Line (BPL)
  164. Ultraviolet Lasers : Beyond Blue
  165. RFID implementation and benefits in libraries
  166. Real Time Operating Systems on Embedded ICs

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