Introduction to IR Switch and Remote Control EEE Project:


This paper discusses the working of a infrared switch which can be used as a remote controller. As the pulse does not carry any information it can be used on as a switch. This device can used for switching on the appliances in a home or industrial automation systems.

Working model of IR switch:

By projecting the infrared light using a led on to the sensor we can make the switch on and off. The IR switch works at a frequency of 38khz, it operates at the same frequency of a tv remote. It consists of IR detection unit is built using a TSOP 1738 which detects the projected led light. It does not detect any other lights occurring due to tube light and day light. A CD 4049 buffer unit is employed which sorts the accumulated signal received at a instant of1-1.5sec . It sorts the original signal from the sequence of signals. A monostable multivibrator is used to used to generate a signal received at a instant of 1sec period. To make the switch on and off according to the given signal, a flip flop is employed which toggles the signal.

Applications and Advantages:

This type of remote controls can achieve high switching parameters in short instant of time. This remote control device can be used only for switching purpose because the signal does not convey any information. This type of device is used in industries for automatic switching of devices.

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