Instrumentation Technical Seminar Presentation on Non Linear Second Order Harmonics PPT

Introduction to Technical Seminar Presentation on Non Linear Second Order Harmonics:

This project is mainly to explain about the linear and non-linear elements. Non linear optical wave guides are made of LiNbO3, LiTaO3 and optical crystal. In case of microwave applications not linear properties of huge-Tc Superconductors are apprehension very morally.  With different crystalline and width it was concluded that a significant part of the second harmonics signal is generated. Succeeding Harmonic production is a not linear process. It generates a photon at frequency 2omega and it creates when the communication occurs between the elements. In a quartz crystal we can observe second harmonic generation.

            Using semiconductors we can generate the succeeding harmonics. Due to presence of electric field can permit SH generation through a third-order process called electric field induced succeeding harmonic production. To remove any non electric field dependent signal dual-modulation technique is used. Moving the sample so that beam focuses on the metalized surface on either side results in no SH generation. Second order non linear harmonics consists of sensitive tools which used to study the surfaces and thin films. Susceptibility tensor is characterized based on the responses. Based on electromagnetic theory susceptibility is expressed.  Measuring signal is taken in case of measurements.

            The materials used in SGH are Cs vapor and trintrosubphthalocyanines.  Organic modules are used because it combines advantage of synthesis edibility for chromospheres design and synthesis together with fast purely electronic response.  This project uses a laser beam to electric fields, which are strong enough for non-linear effects to be observed. Now researchers are attracted in generating optical nonlinear succeeding order harmonics from organics.

Download  Instrumentation Technical Seminar Presentation on Non Linear Second Order Harmonics PPT.

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