In Downlink Opportunistic Utility Maximization and Scheduling Proportional fair

In Downlink Opportunistic Utility Maximization:

Here in this opportunistic power control increases the overall utilities considered on the cell downlink. In any timeslot chosen the users for transmission and for every chosen user the transmitted power is considered. The base-station at the  most transmits power maximum PT .

Scheduling Proportional fair 

         Every time-slot, BS sends to almost single user, and any user transmits a DRC (Data Rate Control) communication to BS that specifies the rate in which BS will send to the user while it  has been chosen. Defines that the number of data which can be sent to the user i’th in‘t’ time-slot with DRCi[t]. The algorithm of PFS (Proportional Fair Scheduling) the channel schedules for increasing the user:  

If ri[t] is the smoothed exponentially service rate of average accepted with the user ith, and was updated regarding

Scheduling Proportional fair

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