In today’s global position system (GPS) receivers, we are able to pinpoint our own position on the globe. For this we require various parameters like longitude, latitude, and altitude. These parameters are received from the satellites covering the whole world and that information is displayed on the LCD and the same is messaged is routed to cell phone through GSM modem. In this way we are able to navigate the position of the vehicle.

To design the navigation system, we combine the GPS ability to pinpoint location along with the ability of the global system for mobile (GSM) to communicate with a remote system (Mobile Phone) in a wireless fashion. Information from the Satellites is displayed on graphical LCD.

By IMPLEMENTATION OF LOCATION BASED ADVERTISEMENT SYSTEM USING GPS& GRAPHICAL LCD project we can display the characters, numbers, symbols, pictures and any type of images on the graphical display. This can be used in any handheld instruments to display the data. If any improvements are to be made to the project in the future, for further development of this project we can use use colored LCD which can make this project more big.

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