Implementation and distribution of collaborative key for authentication across dynamic peer groups using Queue batch algorithm

Peer to peer network has a wide role to play across the networking application and securing these peer groups has become really tough job.

Dynamic peer groups involve many nodes connected across the network architecture and to ensure the security across these peer groups there are many cryptographic techniques in implementation to share the secure information. To proceed with the encryption techniques, the public and private keys need to distributed across the peer to peer systems and proper authentication is required to share these keys.

There are many existing systems to distribute the keys, where a centralized key server is used to generate the keys and in this process, all the information related to the keys is available only with the centralized server and when ever the peers try to access this information, high computation cost is incurred on the server and thus the system performance is affected a lot.

Each and every node across the peer to peer network should individually re-key the generated keys when ever they join or leave the peer to peer system and this increase the computation speed.

I would like to develop a Queue batch algorithm, where the re-keying is done at a dynamic peer group, where this group is responsible for re-keying operation and thus the computation overhead is decreased a lot and the requirement of a dedicated centralized server is completely eliminated.

Performance of the proposed protocol will be efficient even in the case of frequent joins and leaves of the peer nodes across the system and thus it reduces the computation and communication cost a lot.

Aim: To develop a Queue batch algorithm that can implement the group level re-keying across dynamic peers and allows a less computation level collaborative key distribution.

Following are the objectives of this project 

  • To understand the concept of Dynamic peer groups and the level of security requirements in collaborative key distribution process
  • To prepare literature review on existing key distribution algorithm for peer to peer systems and their limitations
  • To design Queue batch algorithm, where the keying and re-keying is done at each peer of the network and thus reducing the computation and communication overhead.
  • To develop a java based application that can demonstrate the proposed system practically
  • To test the application and document the results and observations

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