Hotel Management System Project

Hotel management system project explains about how to develop a web application in java with booking , food ordering, bill generation, inventory and reports generation modules. 

Hotel Management System Project

Existing System Overview:

  • Hotels are the place where you stay, eat meals and utilize their other services.
  • As computer has merged with man as single entity so a computerized application can be developed that can handle Hotel Management System (HMS).

Various activities takes place in hotel like:-

  • All the above activity takes place manually, manually carrying out this activity in very tedious time consuming. 
  • As we have tried to develop computerized application so as to handle all the activity that takes place in Hotel. 

As all the activities that happen in the Hotel such as enquiry, check status booking, food order etc. can be handled on this system simultaneously.

Existing System

The existing system of Hotel Management was manual. All the daily routines is carried out manually and the records are maintained in the record books or the registers.


The customer used to make enquiry for rooms available, and then depending upon the status he used to make booking. All the data the receptionist used to give the customer was based on paper works, there was no clear idea of the status of rooms as they did not update automatically.

Food Order:-

            The customer gives the food order to the waiter, and then the waiter pass that order to the food department. 

Bill Generation:-

          The clerk operates the bill department he used to generate the bill of the customer depending upon the services utilized by the customer.


          The inventory manager manages the inventory as he checks the status of the inventory and as per that he order places the order. 


          The administrator views all the report of the various departments, to check the progress of the hotel and to make the necessary changes. 

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  1. Hi I have a little problem (Im not really good at java Im still learning and I need this for a project) It says it cant find “Login” Btw what is Login is it a class or a method?

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