Hotel Management System Project Report

Introduction to Hotel Management System Project:

The theme of my Project is Hotel Management System. This Project is a fine thought to make the complex procedure of the Hotel management system to an easy manner which is systematic, modular designed, selective menu based user display. The modular design and constructed system is very much user oriented in which user can easily understand the tools and can do edit of his own choice. The system is not any tough more and does not possesses many applications but it is made by focusing on the maintaining records employee’s actions in a computerized system rather than time taking and cumbersome manual system.

The project is a software application that can be easily handled by minimum educated and simple computer knowledge person without any option of error. Two kinds of users can handle the system.

  1. Online Users, 2. Administrator or Hotel Management.

The Online users are the customers or the staff who can see the news and updates of the Hotel and the Administrator are responsible for updating the Hotel details on computer. The Administrator is the authorized user who has power to change or edit the updates as well as the Password. In case of the forgetting of password there is provision to password recovery and Logout and Login in the system.

The Purpose of the whole process is to ease the daily or regular activities of the Hotel Management into an automatic computerized retrievable process. The daily activities includes the Room activities, Entering details of the new customer check in, To allocate a room as per the customer need and interest, Recording the checkout time and details, Releasing or Empty of room and to record the process in a computer system for future.

Due to time constraint and the minimum resources, the system is not made for the high level use. But the Management system can use the application in a very easy and minimum effort.

The application of the Hotel Management System bears the following functions to use by the Administrator.

  1. Room status
  2. New Room inauguration
  3. Allocated Room Modification
  4. Details for the Customer Check in and Check out
  5. New Customer Admission
  6. Allocation of Room as per the Customer Interest
  7. Statement and Transactions of the Customer
  8. Total Customers Present In The Hotel
  9. Separate Customer Report.

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