Project Title: Hospital Management System Project in VB.Net

Project Location:  National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI),Hyd.

Environment: Vb.Net as frontend & MsAccess as backend.

Project Duration: 3 months

Project Members: 3

Description of the project:

                                         National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI) is a government of India undertaking research institute situated at Hyderabad. It has a separate hospital in its township to serve nearly 5000 employees and their families. This has a different units like dispensary, pharmacy, pathology etc functioning independently.

Managing the medical records of the patients of the huge organization manually is a tough task and laborious, maintaining the same patient record in different units may lead to data inconsistency. This Hospital Management System Project in VB.Net will enable to integrate all the units to improve the efficiency of the system .This will boost the performance and the efficiency.  It prevents the mishandling of the pharmacy system and makes it foolproof. This Project was developed in VB.Net and MS Access.