Hall ticket generation system is a project which constitute a computerized module aimed at replicating online hall ticket generation process.

Existing System:

In the existing system all activities mostly includes a lot of manual calculations and is mostly paper based. Distribution of hall tickets is also done manually which is a time wastes process. Students may loss hall ticket in some cases.

Hall Ticket Generation SystemProposed System:

The proposed system  allows  the registered students to login into the system which prevents unauthorized access.


Student Module:

Students have to get  registered to the website which includes providing  their Personal details like Name, Address, Phone No, etc., and a photo, to the enroll himself into the System. After creating the hall ticket, the admin will mails the link of soft copy to every student who have registered.

Admin Login:

Admin can view who has enrolled into the system, and can see all the new enrolment on his login.

Software Requirements:

Languages                               : Java.

Database System                    : MYSQL


This system allows students to enroll themselves into the system by registering their names or by sharing their details to admin.