Global Positioning System Seminar Report

Introduction to Global Positioning System Seminar Topic:

If we are travelling to a place that we have little knowledge of, chances are high we might get lost or take long routes to reach our destination. GPS or global positioning system is an innovative technology used basically for navigation purposes.  It is a radio based system which would be active each and every time as the images are directly downlinked from satellite. The whole system is independent on any type of weather situation.

GPS is also used for positioning, surveying and mapping various geographical levels. Specific GPS centric satellites are launched by space organizations around the globe and position it roughly 12000 miles above earth which sends live images nonstop back to earth and a receiver device would be set up here to display the data sent back by the satellite. Once we purchase the device we can obtain the navigation without any kind of subscription or rent, it would be available 24*7.

To improve the accuracy there would be signals from twelve satellites coming into the receiver. The sorting and searching of various locations would be based on geographical coordinates of that particular location.

Two types of GPS positioning

  • Absolute positioning
  • Differential positioning

The steps involved in tracking location via GPS is pretty simple, when we input the desired destination, the satellite will automatically calculate the distance to that place with reference to our current position. The calculated distance and the route get displayed in our receiver device.

Modern receiver devices are also fitted in with audio navigation, house to house navigation and even the state of traffic in our city. GPS is used extensively in the defense sector and there are many satellites orbiting just for the defense purpose. A trigonometric approach is undertaken by the satellite to calculate the accurate geographical positions in 3D based on the atomic clock. There are various segments such as space segment, control segment, user segments etc. along with the satellite signals in the GPS set up. 

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