Flash Creator With Drawing Tool Project Abstract

Introduction to Flash Creator With Drawing Tool Project:

Flash Creator With Drawing Tool Project project aims to developing flash animated images and text using this project. The animated images and text saved in a file and can be retrieved again. The project speeds up developing animated images and text as the code is developed by using java. A   large number of variations can be made in developing the images and text. We can able to change the size of the image, color, font size in our way. This project also offers brush tool. Whenever we draw an image the program starts recording the sequence of the actions such as drawing line, inserting font, filling the color and stores them in the SWF (Shockwave Flash) format. As a simple Flash maker, This Tool is helps Flash fans create Flash movie in a quick and easy way. A large amount of resources, including Shape, Font, Colour, Image Shape etc.

     Various working modules:

The various modules involved in this project are Font Module, Colour Module, Crop module, GUI module, Thread Algorithm module, Conversion Module.

         General objective of the module:

a)      Font module   :This module is allows for resize the fonts, color of fonts, style  of fonts, and inserting selected fonts into image.

b)     Color module : This module helps to provide RGB,Swatches,HSB Formats for colors .

c)      Crop module  : This is used for image size into Ratios for height and width.

d)     Conversion Module : This module is used for convert’s image into SWF format. It  is also provides for preview for our show.

e)      GUI module : This is a graphical user interface module to view programs and  other data.

f)       Thread algorithm module: This module connects the user to the different Tools.


The Development of a Flash Creator with Drawing Tool is to provide the core function of the utility is to communicate with the client program in regular intervals and check for good operation. 

Download Flash Creator With Drawing Tool Project Abstract from this link.

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