Final Year Project for ECE on ZigBee Based Home Automation Wireless Sensor Network

Various wireless communications were implemented and developed in the last few decades into Praxis. There has been a progressive development in the use of this communication. In today modern society. Wifi connection, GSM and Bluetooth are well known among people. With the immense popularity these standards have slowly penetrated into the daily lives of people. “An Internet of people” is now a very common term and it made possible for human beings to get everything he wants and need within his reach. It seems that the requirement of wireless communications of people has also been fulfilled. 

But still it reflects that something is lacking mainly in Home Automation (HA). Mutual interoperability is provided by this system among the several electronic and electrical power equipment’s  It also provides an interface that has interactive for people and it enabled to handle their daily operations.

These features are beneficial and they helps in economizing and optimizing the level of energy consumption. Saving energy for a few years will help to make more money that the cost of implementations of the HA system. With the help of these technologies lives become much easier especially for older and disabled person. Although these systems exist but they are expensive, non-inter operable and often come as wired systems.

This document gives a description about the ZigBee features in brief which is the solution for sensor network that runs on wireless systems. The work pace for this networking sensors was made at DEMC. The places include boards of development on the perspective of ARM and x51 micro controllers as  a part of the Freescale’s ZigBee tool chain development. This tool chain has a hardware for evaluation, Code Warrior IDE and a smart code generator BeeKit. The wireless network of HA I multi-platform and based on the hardware evaluation and SMAC protocol. 

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