Face Identification Java Project with Source code

  • Project Title: Face Identification Java Project with Source code

  • Software: Java, Swings, Oracle Database.

Project Abstract: The main aim of developing this Face Identification project is to find out the persons easily without searching with their personal information. This project is mainly useful for police department to trace out criminals, The previous systems are working with personal details matching, fingerprint validation, DNA test, and eye witness but those methods are time consuming and not able to provide exact results and it is a time consuming process, it needs extra manual resources and it will not provide the accurate results, the main disadvantage is losing the data and the admin should have drawing skills to find out the criminal. To solve these problems we have developed a new software application using face reorganization. This project detects the persons with their facial expressions.  The administrator can log in into the project and upload the suspected image to the server and find out the exact matching’s from the database. This final year face reorganization project was implemented on Java swings with Oracle 8i database server.

The output screen starts with the user authentication details depends upon the valid user or not. If the user is valid he can upload images to the database first and he can take some of important clips and store in the database, etc

Download Face Identification Java Project with Source code, Documentation, paper Presentation, Abstract, How to run text file, UML Diagrams, database Tables.

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  1. I really feel for them who are struggling to run this project. Please think and try just one time. This is very perfect project and works very well.

    1. hi friend i tried this project but clipping not working also not showing images.. if you are having this project running perfectly then plz send me

  2. Hi i tried this project but not working properly. Clipping not working anyone having complete running project .. Plz share me

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