Embedded System for Terrorism Prevention Report


The main objective of this embedded design is to detect the liquid explosives so as prevent the terrorist activities. At present there are many available detectors for detecting metal explosives but there are no efficient detectors for detecting liquid explosives. This system can be used in airports, railway stations and bus stations etc , which detects the explosives in the luggage’s and at the same it checks the data base whether the person is having any crime record. Here the system is connected with the main system which maintains the database.

Brief into working process:

The entire design is prepare by using the concepts of embedded systems Glyceryl trinitrate, ammonium nitrate and nitroglycerin are the commonly used liquid explosives which contains –NO2, -CO and –CH bonds. These bonds show certain characteristics when exposed to UV radiation. To scan the bags a uv spectrometer is used when exposed to these explosives the reflected rays carry certain characteristics and the spectrometer output is fed is band pass filter. The band pass filter processes the reflected waves and sends the signals to a ADC converter and we can see the detected information on the PC. When such explosive materials are detected it gives a alert message. At the same the person’s identity is checked in database present to the main server.


Due to serious terrorist’s activities going on, these devices can be very useful to monitor such activities. By use this device we can control terrorist’s activities to an extent. Thus we can conclude that by using these devices we can provide safety to the people.

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