Electronics and Communication Training Report on Carriage and Wagon Workshop

Introduction to Carriage and Wagon Workshop Project:

In this paper we will discuss about the workshop held at dahod. We discuss about the products manufactured at BG electric locomotive workshop. This is famous for rebuilding WAM4 and WAM5 locos which have advanced features like dynamic breaks, static converters and microprocessor controls. In this we will see what are the main components required for designing locos and the implanted principles followed by dahod workshop for building these locomotives and the advantages of using these locomotives.

Brief on the design of the locomotives:

In olden days we use steam engines and later they are run using fossil fuels and in the transformation have taken and at present in most of the places we find electric locomotives. In dahod workshop we find the manufacturing of electric locomotives, and wheels are designed here. For designing the spare parts required for the locomotives are designed by using a computer and a numerical control machine.

An operator can change the parameters of the CNC machine like cutting speed and feedback depth based on the requirement of the job to be done. Here a computer processor is integrated to the CNC machine which makes the machining part programs in the memory and it controls the machining diagnostics and the quality control functions during the actual machining.  We use CNC lathe machine for obtaining 3D moulds on the products and it is also used for tuning and boring of wood, plastic and metals. We use CNC milling machine which is used for making moulds of the products and for performing surface milling on the structures. In this factory relays are designed which acts as switches.

The relays are nothing but the open circuit switches which consist of a coil and when current is passed through them a magnetic field is created which makes the lever to change switch contacts. Here different kinds of relays which vary in voltage parameters and they serve different purpose in the designs.

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