Efficient And Robust Detection Of Duplicate Videos In A Large Database

Project Objective:

The main objective of the project Efficient and Robust Detection of the Videos is to check for the duplicate videos. This will helps user to maintain the security of his data or videos. The proposed system helps to check whether one video is same as the other video. The method being used to verify the similarity of the video is it checks the similarity of the frames being shot of both the videos and if they are found to be similar it tells us that the videos are similar. The project approach is mainly on finding the duplicate videos by calculating the distance between the frames have been shot but it will also consider the fact of the order of the frame and the alignment of the frames. Edit distance is the another factor that has been considered to check the similarity between the two videos. Edit distance tell us how many number of times the video has been edited and so that you can decide then similarity of video. The number of algorithm is being used to find the similarity of the videos but we will be using the query algorithm to check equate the video similarity.  This methods follows some steps which are as follows.

a.)    Extraction.

b.)    Mapping.

c.)    Refine search.


In this first  step of the algorithm it extracts the sample video and the main video in frames as per the respective frame size  and then stores them in the location selected by the user.

b.)    MAPPING:

Mapping is the second step of the algorithm after the video images are extracted algorithm needs to compare the stored frame to equate the similarity. So in this step the first image of the sample video and the main video is being equated and check whether they are equal or not.


Refine search is the third step of the algorithm. After the Extraction and Mapping the images from the previous step are filtered and then again compared for the similarity between them.


Software requirements are the IDE to be used for the project is Visual Studio.Net 2008. Language to be used is C#.net. the framework used will be .NET FRAMEWORK

 Hardware requirements for the project are processor required is Pentium IV 2.4 GHz. Storage devices required are RAM 1 GB and Hard disk 160GB.

 Download Efficient And Robust Detection Of Duplicate Videos In A Large Database .

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