Dynamic Routing with stegnography project Conclusion and discussions

Conclusion and discussions

By using this Dynamic Routing with stegnography project, I achieved routing strategy among the network with success. Even I consider the MS project development phase with security aspects with stegnography enhancement which can avoid the attacker to hack the data.

I achieved dynamic routing algorithm successfully by considering stegnography as the security aspect. In order to achieve the dynamic routing, we implemented path randomization and distance vector algorithm so that we can easily developed this project. We embed the stegnography with the dynamic routing to improve the security.

Dynamic Routing with stegnography project

Research outcomes:

By considering the routing as the main research area, I came with complete network strategy which makes use of overall analysis on communication system. In this project, I used experimental research method which supports me to go with security considerations along with the routing.

Method investigation:

Before commit to this stegnography project, I dint had sufficient knowledge regarding the network routing. When I made the literature survey on routing domain from the basic level which starts from networking design, networking layers, protocols that are with the layers and routing strategy, I got the clear knowledge about my project area. Then I started my project development.

How design is helpful?

While I started my Final Year project development, I had many problems with starting points. When I consider my project design with different models from the unified modeling language, it becomes very easy. By using these models I started the design of my project with module consideration which make project easy.

Implementation phase:

I considered java as the programming part for my implementation with my basic knowledge. Then I learnt about the java swings which make my network representations easy. I consider my Dynamic Routing project in modules in design phase, as per the modules I implemented the stegnography project.

This Paper is written & submitted by Chandu.

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