Digital Watermarking Project Abstract

Introduction to Digital Watermarking Project:

Digital watermarking project is implemented in java platform. Digital water marking project explains about concept of providing security for images, video and audio files. Digital signal patterns are inserted in to digital images since every image copy is integrated with digital signal this digital watermark is also called as digital signature. Digital watermarking is also called as encryption procedure which we use protects data using encrypting key. Difference between encryption and watermarking techniques is in encryption data is not understandable but in watermarking data is visible but which cannot be duplicated and protects original owner ship of a redistributed copy.

In present image security digital watermarking is the widely used technique for protecting copy right for images, audio and video files.

This project explains about concept of developing new techniques of digital water marking of images. Using this method we can protect copy righted information from 90 different attacks.  This project also covers defects in existing digital water marking techniques and improvements in fast hadamard transform watermarking approach provides robust and efficient method to perform digital watermarking techniques and provide solution for better copy right protection method.

For more information on digital water marking related seminar topics and project reports. Students can find more related projects with source code from this site for free download.

Download Digital Watermarking Project Abstract from this link.

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