Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing ECE Seminar Report

Introduction to Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing Seminar Topic:

As talking about communication purpose there are various applications that are available in the markets. This applications are very easily available and also in the required budget. Wireless communication is the new trend that is launched currently. Now an addition to the communication device a device named as DWDM called as the dense wavelength division multiplexing has been introduced in the markets latently. 

This device uses the technology that is capable of transmitting the various different wavelengths which carries large data in it. This advanced version of the WDM device and all the features of the WDM are also included in this DWDM.

The advantages of the DWDM are the transmission limit can be easily upgraded by making the use of this DWDM technology, Bit rate transparency here the DWDM carries the optic signals through the various channels. Fast development as this technology can be developed in less duration of time, Economical as this device is less cost than the other expensive device in markets, Wavelength distribution here this wavelength are shared from one system to any of the other situated system, wavelength switching which switches the wavelength bandwidths by the help of OADM.

There are also some limitations of the DWDM like Security protection this device requires more set of materials to get the secured status which leads to more cost of money. It is a non dispersion shifted fiber also called as NDSF, DSF and NZDSF are the other limitations related to the DWDM.

The needs of the dense wavelength division multiplexing and the related bandwidth are incrementing day by day. The service providers that provide the service and the bandwidth do it quick and in less duration of time. This work is only possible with the dense wavelength division multiplex mechanism because it is capable of managing the optic signals in the dynamic way. This will in future permit more easy service to the users.

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