Custody Transaction Management System .Net Project

Custody Transaction Management System is a capital market based web application developed with VB under .Net Technologies. CTMS is a final year computer science project which performs various functionalities like Instruction Management, Grid Management, Reporting, Settlement date, Agent deadline date, etc.

 CTMS is the application which is useful for the costumers to instruct their instructions Online. CTMS purely depends on the Corporate Action and sends messages by online. Corporate action is an action announced by a company based upon their company annual growth which affects their shareholders positively or negatively.

 By using this project with VB to .Net to increase the efficiency of the application for their users. In this new application the users can able to access the application much faster than that of the application in VB. The functionalities remain same in both the VB and .Net applications.

Developer Responsibilities:

  • Preparing Test cases, reviewing the Test cases and executing those Test cases without bugs.
  • Functional, System and Regression testing for every iteration and delivering to onsite.
  • Guide the team for working on the deliverables and sending those deliverables timely to onsite for review.
  • Communicating with Project Manager & all team members across the locations.
  • Conducting weekly offshore and onsite meeting discuss the issues and concerns of the modules.
  • Database Validation to check the updated data in the SQL Server Database.

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