CSE Seminar Topic on Blue jacking Seminar Report

Introduction to Blue jacking Seminar:

It means sending of spam message to other Bluetooth user over mobile phones, desktops, laptops; sending vCard might not contain the name in the name box. Bluetooth has the range of 10 meters but in case of laptops they can reach to up to 100 meters as they use powerful transmitters.

This first takes placed at Malaysia by an IT consultant. He was just getting bored so he opened his Ericson phone and searched for the Bluetooth phone then he just send the spam vCard to him saying to buy the Ericson phone. That consultant name was Ajack. By his name it was termed as blue jack.

Bluetooth is short private area that uses radio frequency to transmit the data. It has the capability of 2.4 GHz power and can connect 8 devices, in which one device is master and other all the device are slave. This is also called pioneers. There is no direct contact between two slave devices. They are only connected to the master device. They give the speed of 1 MB per second.

How to do: for that you must have a Bluetooth enabled device. You must perform this in the public so that he doesn’t find you. Create a new contact in a phonebook and don’t write the name, instead of name write any message you want to send to him. Then .find the list of Bluetooth devices in the crowd and send your contact to him. You might have to guess the device name like Nokia, Sony as all people don’t configure their Bluetooth settings.

If you are Blue jacking too someone then keep in mind that you must not exploit him, by sending pornographic images, or insulting material.

This is mainly used for advertising purpose. People use Blue jacking at railways station, cinema, on a train, electronic shop etc.

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