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May 17, 2012

Computer science students can download latest collection of CSE Projects under different category like asp.net, vb.net, c#, C++, visual basic, visual studio and many other topics. Students can find list of project reports with source code from the links mentioned below.

 Links to download CSE Projects:

ASP.Net projects

C# Projects

C++ Projects

Java Projects

Linux Projects

Oracle database projects

PHP Projects

CSE Mini projects

VB Projects

VC++ projects

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138 Comments to "CSE Projects"

  1. eswar wrote:

    very good

  2. zaiddestiny wrote:

    it is easy to everyone

  3. ajay sharma wrote:

    please send me any project that made by j2ee

  4. bagavath wrote:

    please send the blood bank management projec&abstract

  5. Pooja Jain MU wrote:

    Need a project on j2me for Engineering CSE branch

  6. Divya wrote:

    I need to know about recent research in computer science paper with all details. Pls send

  7. pinakin wrote:

    need project report on Dotnet using dreamweaver software for Final year B.Sc. computer science degree. Any one who can help, please email details to: pinoo99@yahoo.com

  8. raju wrote:

    great yarr..!

  9. mukesh kumae wrote:

    plz send the project report on voice mail project….

  10. kuna wrote:

    plz,send me a java project on cutomer relation management system

  11. k.c.ramanjaneyulu wrote:

    plz send me a java project on php authentivation

  12. Rajat wrote:

    the code you provided for the project “Ensuring Data Security in Cloud Computing” is not correctly working.
    that is not taking any input ..please help me with this problem..

  13. athira vijayan wrote:

    pls send INTRA NET ACCELERATOR DOWNLOADER project code

  14. riotouz meliczz wrote:

    provide more informationzz

  15. riotouz meliczz wrote:

    need voicemail supportzzz

  16. salman quarishi wrote:

    i need a project on

    Network Aware Cloud Computing for Data and
    Virtual Machine Placement

    in dot net

  17. sahil wrote:

    i need research based project in wsn or mtech.. kiindly respond…!!

  18. mahendra wrote:

    plz send me minor project in java for cse medical store management

  19. sirisha wrote:

    please send me projects in ANDROID

  20. sahitya wrote:

    I would like to know about the applications of security and information system, network security.Please send me

  21. sri wrote:

    Please send me the information and applications of datamining in real world applications

  22. vanaja wrote:

    i need trade tax project in .net for cse

  23. bala wrote:

    i need an slicing a new approach for privacy preservation .if any one have just make it one call to 9486870173

  24. PRIYA wrote:

    pls send me ppt and documentation for EmployeePerformancePortal projct to my mail id priyac1508@gmail.com
    pls send me argent………………………………….

  25. Sandhya wrote:

    Hi every body.. we are doing such types of projects..Pls call us imd to get the details @ 9841103123 or else mail me at tsysglobalsolutions@yahoo.com

  26. mahesh wrote:

    hai.. i am doing project i.e intra service automation in this i am doing college feedback is one of the service if any body know about that pls send me. ramisettymahesh@gmail.com and my number: 9533957123

  27. vinod wrote:

    I couldn’t run personal Identity project its showing error…. how do i want to run it. when i click login or signup its showing as “A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. (provider: Named Pipes Provider, error: 40 – Could not open a connection to SQL Server)”………….

  28. Sreekanth wrote:

    We give Mini & major projects for CS & IT students contact us.


  29. Sreekanth wrote:

    We give Mini & major projects for CS & IT students contact us.

    EnLume Technologies Pvt.Ltd.

  30. anil desai wrote:

    hiii friends ,i m an cs engg student and also working as IT engg in publictv news channel so,actually i need some vb projects with coding and successfull execution,,,please reach me at 9738343315 please suggest me friends

  31. pavan teja wrote:

    plz i am need to the java new versions programming plz send me………..

  32. reddeiah wrote:

    please send me networking projects

  33. gayatri wrote:

    pls send me ieee base paper for the topic sniffers for mobiles… send it immediately…… dis is my mail: gayatri.lenka558@gmail.com

  34. Vivek wrote:

    I Have a good project on Shop Management System and online hotel booking system and many more so if you need please contact me

  35. sudha wrote:

    pls send me “online book sopping” project with source code and design

  36. chandni wrote:

    plz send me e-learning system project with source code in asp.net my email id is chandnidave3043@gmail.com

  37. Neha wrote:

    i have to make the minor project in college ,i decided to make the project in android.if anyone have the suggestions or projects plz reply me on neha.chuhan1@gmail.com……plz rply soon its urgent….

  38. Neha wrote:

    plz suggest me any minor project on android…..if anyone have suggestions plz rply me on my email id…….plz rply soon it’s urgent……

  39. Essa wrote:

    I need project in use Electric Billing System

  40. alex wrote:

    plz send me an android project with source code my email id is – alexandriadave@gmail.com

  41. ashwin wrote:

    anyone,plz, send me online councelling full project in asp.net……email id-ashwin.baberwal@gmail.com

  42. vidhi wrote:

    plz,can you suggest any cse final year project on neural network & artificial intelligence?

  43. sonu wrote:

    plz send me an event management project with source code…….. plz rply soon it’s urgent plz… my email id is- soonuu89@gmail.com

  44. surekha wrote:

    i need a project on address auto configuration of mobile adhoc networks in java
    plzzz anybody help me………

  45. narmada wrote:

    pls send me a java script on online examination project

  46. shravanireddy wrote:

    please can u provide the documentation for “Dynamic Form Builder and Data Collection Software”

  47. Rahul wrote:

    need project for B-Tech Cse in asp.net

  48. Varalakshmi wrote:

    It is very nice! Send me a advanced java application project!

  49. mukunda wrote:

    please send me source code for DBJ Explorer java project

  50. nusrin wrote:

    i need mini project for atm management system based on ooad

  51. muruga wrote:

    plz send me payroll processing system in java netbeans & also stud mark maintenance system project plz send me immediately

  52. priyanka.k wrote:

    i wnt the project on android

  53. venki wrote:

    plz send the Dynamic Routing with Security Considerations link to my email .my email is

  54. Abel wrote:

    Pls i need materia on business administration, accounting and banking & finance

  55. Ankaj kumar wrote:

    I want to project on online examination project and advance java project

  56. priyanka wrote:

    plz send the mini project based on selling managment

  57. laxman wrote:

    pls send me ppt and documentation for Banking project to
    my mail id laxman2574@gmail.com
    pls send me urgent..

  58. yadh wrote:

    pls any 1 can send me the base paper of the ‘student information system’.
    it’s very urgent, my mail id is directorview18@gmail.com

  59. sid wrote:

    send me system based device control project with details

  60. Ashik wrote:

    Plz help me choose a b.tech final yr main project… Plz snd me some topics.. My email id: ashashik93@gmail.com

  61. Soniya.g wrote:

    Pls send me a Hotel management project with source code and documentation……. Pls reply soon its very urgent Pls. My emil id is soniya.g848@gmail.com

  62. Soniya.g wrote:

    Pls send the Hotel management project and documentation…………… My email id is soniya.g848@gmail.com

  63. Soniya.g wrote:

    Pls send the Hotel management project and documentation…. Front end- VB.Net, Back end- MS Access…….My email id is soniya.g848@gmail.com

  64. valarmathi wrote:

    hai iam a finalyear student plese give me the atm management mini project.

  65. sajeetha wrote:

    hai am finalyear student,i want any security based mini project using algorithm pls send me

  66. vinodh.s wrote:

    i need comparative study of trust modeling for automatic landmark tagging java code/.net/matlab coding. my email id vinodh.sssd@gmail.com

  67. ramesh wrote:

    I need a green building projects for b-tech final years

  68. Vishal wrote:

    Hey guys plz send me sudoku project…….vishaljoshi0708@gmail.com

  69. raju wrote:

    computer oriented project are send by my e mail id plz

  70. vishnu wrote:

    hai guys……i need new innovation project

  71. vani wrote:

    I need suggestions for vhdl projects .
    I doing btech in it sector

  72. vani wrote:

    I required suggestions for vhdl projects .
    I doing btech in it sector

  73. rkm wrote:

    send me a poject “Authentication Using Graphical Passwords” in php

  74. Projects Helper wrote:

    List of vdhl projects http://1000projects.org/projects/vhdl-projects/

  75. khushboo jaiswal wrote:

    I want to know coding in c to student report card

  76. sneha wrote:

    plllz send me project on web based tracking of pharmacy medicines for emergencies..mail me pllz its urgent

  77. charu wrote:

    hi… I need a leave management system project in advance java .. back end sql ……… my email id charu.bhuria@gmail.com

  78. charu wrote:

    plss send this project

  79. prabhu teja wrote:

    i want a project on android applications .its very urgent

  80. Niyas wrote:

    i want the theme park management system project.

  81. Niyas wrote:

    i want theme park management system project.my email id niyas001007@gmail.com

  82. Anand wrote:

    i am looking for overhauling Bike simulation project so please send link….

  83. mallu wrote:

    i want computer shop management project plz send me..

  84. hemo wrote:

    I have project in VLSI which must contain:
    1- Design circuit has data path and controller.
    2-(VHDL or Verilog) code for the design.
    3-Mentor Graphics :
    a) DA design (transistor level)
    b) Accusim
    c) IC design
    d) LVS report.

  85. ram sai wrote:

    i want project on energy efficient load balncing clustering algorithm

  86. nagalakshmi wrote:

    plz send me “energy efficient load-balanced clustering algorithm for wireless sensor networks” project with source code in “TCL”

  87. manzur wrote:

    pls i want a project on Electronic Voting System

  88. vijay wrote:

    hi… I need a Employee management system project in php .. back end sql ……… my email id vijay.vvk26@gmail.com

  89. sairam wrote:


  90. Amol Nikam wrote:

    i need a project “Database Migration Over Network” plz if u r havaing send it me on aghn22@gmail.com

  91. aswini wrote:

    pls…sent the projject in email aswiniviji6@yahoo.com

  92. aswini wrote:

    pls sent the online grocery shop project in mail….aswiniviji@yahoo.com

  93. m.pooja wrote:

    i need a project based on blood bank mangement on java

  94. m.pooja wrote:

    i need a project based on blood bank management on java

  95. azhar wrote:

    i need a mobile phone bsed attendance system in android,php and backend sql
    my email id azhar294@gmail.com

  96. DHANASHREE wrote:

    pls send me project titles & info about that on agricultuer based on wireless sensor network implement with the help of
    c,c++ lang…..

  97. manisha wrote:

    please send me a program in visual basic io design a software personal management

  98. Sandeep Manaware wrote:

    I took my final year project from IEEE Students Pune.
    I was very weak at programming but trainer of IEEE Students taught me very well, i feel lucky to get project guidance from IEEE Students.
    If anyone want then visit http://www.ieeestudents.com

  99. hari wrote:

    i want hotel management system

  100. saranya wrote:

    i need a project on

    Network Aware Cloud Computing for Data and
    Virtual Machine Placement

    in dot net

    please send my email id saranyasiva141@gmail.com

  101. ananya malik wrote:


    need a project on ns2 for bio inspired protocols (AntHoc Algorithm). Can anyone help.. Plz mail ananyamalik87@gmail.com

  102. raju wrote:

    please send the abstrct for expense tracking system

  103. kunal patil wrote:

    i need a project “multimail collaboration manager”its like a outlook and email shedule option also required in that plz send project on my mail

  104. suraj wrote:

    Can I do any project.I am cse 2rd year having knowledge of c,c++,html and database.

  105. sonam wrote:

    please mail me a project on “online portal for part time jobs and summer internship” which runs on eclipse and mysql 5.0 and apache tomacat 7.0

  106. sonam wrote:

    please mail me a project on “online portal for part time jobs and summer internship” which runs on eclipse and mysql 5.0 and apache tomacat 7.0
    my mail id is sonamjain897@gmail.com

  107. anitha wrote:

    pls pls post the source code of any java live project pls its urgent for me.pls post to my gmail id.

  108. ANItha wrote:

    I need project on railway reservation pls pls send me that project it is on oracle.pls it’s very very urgent gmail is kodianitha@gmail.com

  109. ANItha wrote:

    I need project on railway reservation pls pls send me that project it is on oracle.pls it’s very very urgent gmail is

  110. ANItha wrote:

    I need project code on railway reservation pls pls send me that project it is on oracle.pls it’s very very urgent gmail is

  111. ANu wrote:

    I need project code on railway reservation pls pls send me that project it is on oracle.pls it’s very very urgent gmail is ranjana.vallanke37@gmail.com

  112. Indra wrote:

    i need a project on secure payment scheme with less communication and processing overhead for multihop wireless networks.
    Plz send project to my mail

  113. pavitha wrote:

    i need a project on cloud computing for data and virtual machine placement .plz mail gkpavi93

  114. Kreztle Jones wrote:

    pls am doing a project on” PHARMACY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” Please send me a source code.

  115. INDUMATHI.P wrote:

    its very easy to understand and need more details……

  116. nithi wrote:

    i need project based on data mining

  117. bharat wrote:

    pls send me “feedback management system” project.with access authentication.

  118. nagarjuna wrote:

    please send .(dot)net.projects in student account management system….

  119. sonam wrote:

    please send me a project on online university course management system..

  120. nitish wrote:

    plzz send a project on network time tracker system.

  121. raman wrote:

    thanks 4 more option to choose projects

  122. chimma kumar wrote:

    i need easy net 2 cse main project code,documentation and ppt urgent sir please send me to my mail
    my project name is EASY NET 2 please send me full details about this project

  123. Habatmu wrote:

    very good ….plse send…..C# projects..on the HRMS

  124. shweta gaonkar wrote:

    plz mail me the code of face recognition using locally linear regression using matlab..

  125. arti bais wrote:

    I need a project on steganography tools on .net plz send it to my mail id. it’s urgent plzz plzzz plzzzz send me soon..

  126. need minor project on student management system wrote:

    need minor project on student management system

  127. tarun(uniquetarunsaini@gmail.com) wrote:

    urjent requirement of minor project in student management system.in .php .net java or html

  128. salma wrote:

    i want validation code for email&password for online real estate property management system plzzzzzz

  129. sadaf wrote:

    hey can someone please give me the code of implementing notifications in a social networking website???please its urgent..contact : sociosadaf7@gmail.com

  130. jasefsal wrote:

    oru mini project cheyyund njangal…. adileak sambavanayayi eathenkilum puthiya mini project topico.. enthenkilum..helpo cheyyuka pleass conatct AFSAL 9605533226 OR Afsal Bin Musthafa (facebook)
    JASEEM 9656676251 OR JASEEM JAS(facebook)
    mail : afsal88899@gmail.com……………………..(MALAYALAM)


  131. honey wrote:

    very good….please send me java and .net projects and plz send me artifial intelligence projects plz…..plz……

  132. power wrote:

    i need vb.net projects any of them currently update….

  133. kalpana wrote:

    pls send me any android projects idea…………………….

  134. kalpana wrote:

    we are waiting for your favorable replay

  135. Rupal wrote:

    plz give mi project for last year CSE in java or c++
    plz its urgent my mail id is crups123@gmail.com

  136. Pranita wrote:

    Please send me the list of latest projects for 1st Year MSc Computer Science Student

  137. parth parikh wrote:

    i need a project for devloping seo and that are devloping in c# .net…

  138. vasant wrote:

    hi!!! please send me java or c++ project abstract with code on my mail vasantfykhare3198@gmail.com today till 10p.m.

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