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Corporate Recruitment System Final Year Java Project

February 9, 2012

Title Of the Project: Corporate Recruitment System

Description: Corporate Recruitment System Final Year Java Project is web based application main aim is to give more interaction between job recruiters and job viewers.

Developed Responsibilities:

  • Developed job Recruiter and job Viewer interaction using core java & C Programming Language.
  • Provided search engine options to the job recruiter and job viewer.
  • Developed online exam option in Corporate Recruitment System.
  • Developed automatic mail sending application to eligible job viewers. 

Goals of the Project:

  • Effective way of providing interactions between job recruiters and job viewers.
  • Reliable and consistent way of searching jobs for the job viewers.
  • Conducting secured and restricted web based computerized exams for eligible persons.
  • Sending email notification to all job viewers & can have an option to subscribe to get emails regularly about job notifications.

Language: C, Core Java, Fortran, JSP
Databases: Oracle, Tomcat Server
Operating  system: Ms-dos, Windows, Unix, Linux
Tools: Ms–Office
Web technologies: HTML
Other Tools: MPI, MCT

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