Introduction to Seminar Topics 2012 on Hidden Secret of Hacking:

Today the entire world is growing very fast. They are developing very quickly. So at present everyone is trying to get their data first. Previously when we connect two people or more than two they have to meet face to face. When internet comes this process is very easy to every people because they can talk through internet. Likewise when there is no use of computer, every people face some problem because they have to do their work manually.

It was very time consuming. When computer invented it is very to people to do their work. At present they are working through online. It is much easier. They just out their document or information into a database through internet. This will take less time. But there is a problem when they are working online they have to be more concentrate on their work and must maintain a high security for their system. At present we access easily access all the information related to all the countries.

It is the main target of computer evil or online evils. They always wanted to theft the data from the system. In our language we called them hackers. Hackers are always ready to hack anyone’s system. If they succeed in their work then the whole world can face many problems like less of live and less of money. The threats interrupt the key assets of business: knowledge, internal networks, and web site or commerce portals generating revenue. Once attacks on these properties occur, they need a true impact on the profits, brand, and efficiency of the targeted organization. 


Online security is the main issue. Online freaks and users each a like are progressively obtaining introduced to a spread of on-line security threats. In this paper I will discussed the below topic.

1.      Difference between a hacker and a cracker

2.      What are a Virus, Worm and Trojan?

3.      Sniffing and Spoofing

4.      Phishing

5.      Credit Card hacking

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