Computer Seminar Topic on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Introduction to Computer Seminar Topic on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics:

The artificial intelligence has been directly connected with the computer science and that is incorporated with the machines as robots. The intelligence has to be known for different terms like to take decision, to develop, to remember, to think and draw the situation in memory, to recognize typical creatures, and to be acted according to the situation and learning things.

The artificial intelligence is an initiate of the human to develop a machine operated robot which has all mentioned abilities of intelligence. The artificial intelligence has been a complicated principle that posses various developed skills. There is always a dispute between the programmers and the engineers about the definition of the true artificial intelligence. The programmers and the engineers has trust that some day the robot will take the charge of the human works with all acquired skills that human posses. The invention of the robot is like an artist who creates a art that also do have the ability to think and work. 

The artificial intelligence has following applications. 

  1. Robotics: The control of the robot with embedded architecture control systems which makes the robot learn the tasks to perform in complex climate. The design of the robot is based on the networks with algorithms which can be used to analyze the information from the sensors.
  2. Medical Robotics: The medicine field has now completely dependent on the accurate robotics results. There is now vast change to be occurred in the medical field called Computer integrated surgeries which will be accurate, less surgical, fast operative, low costs and effective.
  3. Heavy Industries and Aeronautical: The manufacturing of the machine tools, computer chips, car manufacturing has been now producing by automated and controlled robotics. The robot is now acting as the vehicle pilot to run a spacecraft into the space. 

The robotics has some disadvantages which has been solving, even robots are very useful for the humans and for the industries. 

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