Commodity Intelligence System Project in Asp.Net

Commodity intelligence system project is a web portal ( Asp.Net ) which is useful for providing solution for commodity classes with updated information of every commodity prices and provides option to trading online.  This is the new method of network which is used in every national trading centers and market places all over the country. This application will update all prices to the software which will be same all over the country users can know actual prices of commodity for that point of time.  We can generate reports on daily, monthly, weekly and yearly basis. We can use this reports to analyse market and learn about trading. 

Commodity Intelligence System Project

Project Introduction:

Main objective of Commodity intelligence system is to develop a software application which will help business people to know exact market rates that are fluctuating in different parts of the country and get best deals. This software will give updated information for every minute to help traders to get best deals. 

Existing System: 

Presently we don’t have this type of application with centralized data updating on commodity prices which are similar all over the country. At present trading is running on prices set by business people which will be different from every location. With this process traders and buyers are not getting best deals. 

Commodity intelligence system :

With the improvement of globalization of market commodity software will provide solution for business deals by updating information of rates which will be same all over the country. Business and trading will be carried based on these rates. This Networking project is used in national trading centers market yards..etc.

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