Chemical Organization Management System Project Idea

Chemical organization management system project idea in java explains about requirements and advantages of developing a software application for chemical industry.

Project overview:

  • S Associates is a company located at naroda. It’s a manufacturing unit of Chemical and dyes. During the visit of this company we feel that the everything to maintain this unit is done on paper by the owner if the company. When we discuss with him regarding new technologies it comes to my mind to make everything computerized.
  • The owner of the company has to do everything like payout of the labour, sales management, Purchase management, daily sheet, Company growth etc.
  • We suggest him an application which is our “Chemical Organization Management System”.
  • Here in the system it will work very smoothly and will provide the each functionality we discussed above.
  • The labour payout system will help owner to make payout at the end of each month. It will keep track of all the labour and in the end it will help owner to make payout.
  • The bill generator will help them to generate the bills and keep it record and inform the clients about it using message or mail system.
  • The reports generator will generate reports on monthly basis so the owner can see the growth of the company frequently.
  • Owner can store the products and their data and can also store its notes in the database and can open anytime during the next production.
  • The purchase and sale is also done by the owner which is really too hectic to manage but now on word the purchase and sales management module will help owner to maintain purchase and sales.


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