Automation of Inter Networked banking and ATM using Universal Subscriber Identification Modules

 The main aim of this Banking ATM project is to transfer and draw the money from the ATM without the ATM card. In present situation the user have to take the ATM card to draw the money from the ATM. This is compulsory to carry the ATM card by the user, so to avoid this problem of carrying ATM card the user have to use this project.

In this Final Year project, the user no needs to carry their ATM card to draw or transfer the money. In this project whenever we want to draw the money the user have to insert his SIM (subscriber identity module), then the mobile number and subscriber details are checked by the server, and the photo of the person should be match with the capture of the SIM inserted, whenever the photo is not matched then the draw and transfer the money by the voice recognition technique. So that the money is in safe condition and transaction can be done very easily. This project is more useful in coming days. Money cannot draw from the ATM. The image of the captured and already existed in the server is compared by using the MATLAB. When the image is matched the ATM centre asks the pin number then we can draw the money. By this we can understand that there is no need of carrying of ATM every time. And one more advantage of this project is that the blind people also can also draw the money by using visual interpretation technique. The components required are camera, GSM, voice recognition, keil IDE software.

Download  A Third Generation design for the Automation of Inter-Networked banking and Teller Machine operations using Universal Subscriber Identification Modules.

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