Project Name: Automatic Message Sending And Attendance Java Project

Platform & Technologies Used: Windows, J2ME, Net beans Platform

Roles And Responsibilities of the Developer:

  • Understanding the requirements of the system
  • Developed various modules like Attendance & Automatic Messaging module with sub-modules like messaging, search, store, edit & sort contact information, using Java Me on Net beans Platform
  • Used Emulator platform of Micro edition SDK 2.0
  • Created a database in a mobile application which is RMS (Record management system) using normalization up to 2NF

Description of the project: The Automatic Message Sending And Attendance Java Project was intended to develop Mobile Application to maintain database of contacts and send messages to them on their Birthday. User is able to – Call, Add Contacts, Delete, Modify Also intended to maintain Attendance record, User is able to –Maintain attendance of any Subject and can see the Attendance.