Aurora for Data Streaming Management CSE Seminar Report

Introduction to Aurora for Data Streaming Management Seminar Topic:

Aurora is specially designed for the modeling the architectural plans and also management of the streams of data. This device is mainly made on the basis of the rational based database system which is mainly used for processing the data that is related to business and other activities related to the database. This is used to manage the data in streams which is then also used for monitoring the applications. The system executes the data is a proper sequential manner and it executes from many sources like the sensors, architecture plans, area applications.

Talking about the storage capacity and the storage management of this device there come the algorithm named ASM called as the Aurora storage manager. This ASM contains two kinds of storage management system called as the Queue management and the Connection point management system. This arranges the stream data in the proper sequential order.

Aurora system has a relation to various standard streams and fields like the active database, indexing of the queries, continuous query, adaptive query, stream data’s, SEQ model, Chronicle models of data and also the materialized views.  This system also has some of the benefits or the advantages like the temporary database, memory database and the real time database; it schedules the real time tasks and responsibilities properly, there is a little problem in the data whiles the execution of the program. And the last it has a prediction of the data that is been scheduled while the process or program executing.

This system has a cent percent results in the execution of programs, this system works by following the ASM algorithm and the models. The upcoming future of the system is this updated version will support the distribution of data; the feature of model processing will be permitted and also with the similar generation of the stream data’s.

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