Antenna and Wave Propagation seminar topic

This Antenna and Wave Propagation seminar topic is mainly explain you about the how the antenna is working, types of antennas, antenna arrays, fundamentals of antenna, wave propagation, and which antennas are most reliable. It explains the antenna characteristics, radiation pattern of the antenna, radiation intensity, directivity of the antenna, beam width, efficiency of the antennas and it also explain about the half wave, hertz an, monopole dipoles, and also antenna array types like broad side, end fire arrays, and also V- antenna, inverted v-antenna and derivation of the v antenna, rhombic, long periodic antennas, and helical antennas and different modes of operation of the antenna like transverse electric, transverse magnetic, transverse electromagnetic modes, and also explain you about the antenna ranges, methods for the antenna measurements. And it explains you about the ground and sky wave propagation, electromagnetic spectrum, frequency bands. Nowadays antennas are used in many places to send the signal there are two types of antennas one is connected at transmitting side and another is at receiver side.

There are different types of antennas used in the field like bidirectional, helical type, circular type antennas are used. This antennas placed in the height places because of some signals are cannot penetrate throw walls that is LOS, so antennas place a major role in the military, airports, and missile systems.

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