Analyzing Network Traffic Dynamics through BADABING Project Report

Analyzing Network Traffic Dynamics through BADABING Project Report covers detailed explanation about project. Here is the introduction to this project.

Generally there are different types of network protocols as well as network systems which are been used for the purpose of evaluating and measuring the traffic dynamics of networks among the two different hosts. This study deals with the evaluation of loss measurement methodology which is developed by making use of a special tool for measurements called BADABING. By using this tool the fixed probes will be shifted from a single measurement location towards its mutual host in which the entire probe packets as well as the reports are been gathered by target system.

Existing System:

The existing systems based on this process, the probability of the Poisson arrivals will be analyzed and measured. In the existing systems different types of los measurements will even be calculated for identifying the network properties which are not totally reliable and true. The network tomography which is totally based upon the multicast as well as the unicast probes are even considered to be non-effective and reliable.

Proposed System:

This proposed system will the users to identify and measure the characteristics of end to end packet losses in a reliable way which are more accurate that even allows them to identify the effect of bottleneck queue. The measure losses of end to end probes will be identified clearly which follows different types of geometric distributions that allows the accurate trade off among the networks and will even identify the accurate measurements of probes within the same time period.

Software Requirements:

This system needs three software’s such as Java Swing, JFrame Builder as well as Windows XP operating system.

Hardware Requirements:

In order to develop this system efficiently there is a necessity of three different hardware’s such as Pentium IV processor, 512 MB Ram as well as 80GB Hard Disk. 

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