These are the below 50 advanced major ECE and EEE Major projects developed for B.Tech/M.Tech Students.,

S.No Project Name
1 Dual axis solar tracking robot for surveillance with IP camera.
2 Rocker bogie suspension system
3 GSM protocol Integrated Energy Management System
4 Home automation using Android app
5 Merrain navigation robot
6 Drainage pipe cleaning robot
7 RFID and finger print based library automation
8 Classroom automation using Android app
9 Intelligent car parking using robotics technic
10 Agriculture automation using GSM (soil moisture level control and motor contol)
11 solar based grass cutting robot by obstacle avoiding and path planning.
12 Meriane navigation robot.
13 Glass cleaning robot
14 Hotel Automation using line tracking robot and android app.
15 Advanced Supervisory Security Management System For ATM’s Using GSM& MEMS
16 Touch Panel Based Industrial Device Management System For Handicapped Persons
17 Modern public garden
18 Hotel automation for ordering and billing
19 Advanced parking system showing nearest availabilty for parking your vehicle.
20 College bus information to students.
21  Automatic efficient street light controller using RTC and LDR.
22 Head movement controlled car driving system to assist the physically challenged
23 Patient health monitoring (heart beat and body temperature) with doctor alert reporting over internet of things (IoT)
24 Breath and Lungs health analyzer with Respiratory analyzer over internet of things (IoT)
25 Movable road divider for organized vehicular traffic control with monitoring over internet of things (IoT)
26 Automation of dry-wet dust collection to support Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and monitoring over internet of things (IoT)
27 Automatic movable railway platform with train arrival detection and monitoring over internet of things (IoT)
28 Automatic movable railway platform with train arrival detection and monitoring over internet of things (IoT)
29 Automatic plant irrigation system with dry / wet soil sense and controlling 230V water pump for agricultural applications and monitoring over internet of things (IoT)
30 Weather station monitoring over internet of things (IoT)
31 Arduino Based Foot step power generation system for rural energy application to run AC and DC loads
32 RFID security access control system Using Arduino
33 RFID based banking system for secured transaction
34 Construction of Central Control Unit for Irrigation water pumps. Cost effective method to control entire villager’s water pumps with user level authentication
35 RFID based Library Automation System using AT89S52
36 Prepaid coffee dispenser with biometric recharge using finger print
37 Automatic Vehicle Accident Detection and Messaging System using GSM and GPS
38 Blind Person Navigation system using GPS & Voice announcement
39 Hand gesture based wheel chair movement control for the disabled using (Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor) MEMS technology
40 Fish culture automation with auto pumping, temperature control and food feeding
41 bomb disposable robot with Infrared remote control
42 Defence robot with CAM and GSM for high risk rescue operations
43 solar based defense cleaning robot with autonomous charging and navigation
44 Automatic  ambulance rescue sytem using GPS
45 Bi-pedal humanoid for military operations
46 Advanced college electronics automation using raspberry pi (IOT)
47 Solar based garbage cleaning robot with time solt arrangement
48 solar based robot for garden grass cuting and watering the plants.