A Secure Chat Program Java Project Aim and Objectives


To provide authentication for the distributed key protocol by including the explicit and implicit quantum cryptography for protecting them from the third parties and also to guarantee the identification of false keys developed by the third parties or eavesdroppers by a trusted center. 

Research Questions and Objectives:

  • Define Quantum key cryptography and what is the difference between the classical cryptography and quantum key cryptography?
  • What are the common technical variations between Quantum Cryptography and the traditional cryptography and what are the advantages of quantum cryptography when compared with the traditional cryptography.
  • How a better secure communication is possible by the implementation of physics principles and laws when compared to the implementation of mathematics in cryptographic techniques?
  • What are the different Quantum key distribution protocols technically available and how the Three Party Authentications for key Distributed Protocol will provide the added advantages?
  • How to develop an algorithm that holds the qubits in the secure communication procedure?
  • How the validity of the session key is tested by the trusted center and how it distributes the session key among the actual parties involved in the communication procedures? 


This A Secure Chat Program Java project is done to achieve the following research objectives: 

  • To develop a Three party authentic protocol for protecting the key distribution protocol
  • To learn about the quantum cryptography process, the importance of quantum cryptography, to study about quantum key distribution protocol, and its role in distributing the session among the parties involved in communication process.
  • To verify the session key validity and to develop a java code for the algorithm and to execute it.
  • To trace out the results and observations after executing the program and also to document the results and observations.
  • To make a literature review on Quantum distribution protocols and the ability of checking the trusted session keys by the Trusted Centers
  • To illustrate the conclusions by testing the application by considering various test cases.
This Paper is written & submitted by Vamshidhar A.

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