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A project on library management system

March 28, 2012

The main objective of the A project on library management final year project is to automate the library management system. This software application manages the student details, employee details, books details. This system deals with the books issue, book return operations, and fine calculations. This also takes care for security options. The main modules of this project are:

Books information management system module, issue-return operations module, personal detail management module, book’s supplier module, student detail module, and employee detail management module.

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    i m a student and i took a project Auto Timetable Generator for My college mini project so plz help me about this
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    i like the project sent me 2 downlode link

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    can u sent me the powerpoint presentation on librarymanagement using java

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    where’ the download link??…
    can you send me the source code..thank you in advance…

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    plz send me rfid & gsm base library managment system in colleage

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    can u send me a stand alone project done using VB on AIRPORT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM(CARGO)

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    Plz send me mini project billing system on c#.net. now only send to this my mail. please help me. i need it urgent.

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    my name is Arvind kumar and i am in Bca Final year
    sir i have to submit my mini project in java on library Management System.
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    sir please,please do needful i will be gratefull to you

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    i am a student in 3rt year .next year i will do thiis project.please send a link for me

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    Really helpful post for btech cs student.. thnx for sharing this

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    how to do java project in library management

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