4G-Mobile Communication Systems seminar topic

This 4G-Mobile Communication Systems seminar topic is mainly explain you about the 4G mobile communication systems, this technology is the successor of the 3G communication system, it provides ultra broadband internet access, it means wireless services are provided, it supports video calling, 3D television. Nowadays 4G technology is used because it provides 100MBPS speed; the data rate is 1GBPS in stationary times. 3G technology is designed it can support up to 2mbps, compared to 3 rd generation technology 4th generation is having more features higher interactivity (comfortable interface), higher connectivity (better connection), dynamic self reconfigurability (can change the equipments when problem occur), voice recognition, provide good security, it provides the features of internet access, radio access, platform, display, RF component.

It support mobile IP, GPS technology support, effective handover algorithms, user interface technology,   these are the services provided by the 4G technology. To use the 4G technology we should have the network in rural areas even they don’t have the 3G signal network, so by taking the 4G supported mobile there is no usage to that type of customers, 4G provides the high data rate, recently 4G supported mobiles are manufactured and released in to the market, I phones are supporting the 4G technology. 

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