3-Phase Minor (EEE Project):

                The main aim of this 3-Phase Minor Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE project is to explain use of three phase minor, in this project we use the three transformers, these three transformers of type step down transformers, these transformers convert the high voltage to low voltage that is 230 volts AC to 12 volts AC, now these AC voltage is convert to the DC voltage rectifier, here in this project we use the IC (integrated circuit chip) this is the electronic chip, it requires only 5 volts so here we use the voltage divider to divide the voltage, this signals are given to the operation amplifier (op amp) of type LM 324 type, the output of operational amplifier shown digital form, 0’ s and 1’ s this digital data display on the LED’ s. the components used in this project are transformers (step down), rectifiers (to convert ac to dc), capacitors, resisters, op – amp of type LM324, LED’ S, voltage regulator (voltage controller), power supply. This project is mainly used in big industries, power plants, this equipment is controlling the three phases of the transformers, the 3 phase supply is transferred by using this project, and finally this project is very complex and should be maintained in a safe position.

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