VTU Paper Presentations on Autonomic Computing PPT

Introduction to Autonomic Computing Presentation:

The current system is the automatic computing device which completely works automatically. This device is developed by the famous company name the IBM. This device was launched in the year 2001. This system has the capabilities of developing the self management issues which is the main feature of the desired computer system application. This system also helps to reduce the total load of the future applications. This system is mainly the self maintained system which is a computing resource which is fully disturbed and also has the features of the changes that can be done on the system.

The applications that are related to the autonomic computing system are the solutions that are installed and the specific technologies that are developed by the developers, integrated pack of solution of the issues, the determination of the problem issues, autonomic maintenance’s and the management, observation of the system after the execution process, critical and difficult analysis.

 Management of the desired policies and the last is the heterogeneous managements of the systems too. These applications are here to make the process and the maintenance’s of the system properly and also in better protected and in secured state too. The advantages of the system are it gains a point to point service of the management department. It is available and requires very low price and also consumes lot duration of time.

The system concludes that the device was developed by the IBM to make the IT industry’s a self management industry. So that this factors can be capable of changing the environment atmosphere whenever needed. The feature of the system to respond fast helps in reducing the time duration of the application which in future make a reduce in the loss of the revenue of the desired system. O related to the existing system this system can be well studied and then the errors or the complaints can be brought up to the IT department to find of the proper solutions and actions that can be taken.

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