VB Projects on Courier Management System with Project Report

Introduction to Courier Management System with Project:

When we want to deliver some materials or any other things then we contact courier service. This project purpose is to deliver message very easily one person to another.

This is used for global connection and it is done very quickly. Main motto of this project is higher trading. At present everyone want to delivered anything by courier service because it is very easy, less time consuming and less expenditures.

Today we are trading international by this courier service. We give this project idea to the courier service. If they use this kind of software then it wills very easy and less effort is required. Though it is computerized but anyone can handle it.

This courier service is also done in domestic area as well as remote areas. If anyone don’t know about the services then due to this kind of branches every people will know it.

The branches of the courier services are all over the world. Today postal letter gives very slow service for this no one want to give it by postal.

Courier services are much faster than postal letters. So everybody wants these services. We are giving the project idea for every courier services.

If they will go through this then this is profitable for you. This project is done using various kind of software. All details are enclosed in this paper.

The project is developed using the front-end Visual Basic 6.0 and as a back-end we use MS-Access7.0, so the luggage compartment of data for different modules are easy and viewing the data can be done in the forms controlled in the database. 

  The core of the system is used to categorize to various modules: In this module there are some information about the Owner Details as well as the Courier details.

How much money we expense that will also be stored. Branch Details means from which branch we are sending it and total turnover.

Download  VB Projects on Courier Management System with Project Report.

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