Travel & Tourism Information System Project .Net Project Source code

The main aim of developing this Travel & Tourism Information System Project in .Net is to provide best travelling services to the customers and travel agents.
Travel & Tourism Information System, A Integrated Software for tour operating companies which comprises all the tour industry related and especially made keeping view of South Africa, Tanzania and other East African countries. RRS helps the, Tour Operating Companies, manage their Customers, Hotels, Vehicles and Agents and makes all operations of the tour company easy and accurate.

The Modules in the application are Admin Module handles the entire Master forms such as Staff Master, Agent Master, and Transport Master etc. Hotel Module has all the details of the hotels and there tariff according to the seasons and age groups. Itinerary Module has both Fixed touring packages and custom itineraries in this reserving of hotels and vehicles etc has been handled. The Billing Module used Crystal Reports to generate bills for the customer such as advance amount paid and due bills, bill cancellation. The Tracking Module will track the customer by dates, hotels, vehicles etc. MIS Reports where generated to keep track of the revenue, agent’s performance, etc., Voucher where generated for the customer for all the accommodation and transport facilities asked by the customer.

Role : Involved in data base designing and coding of various screens, back-end validations, and crystal report designing.

Click Here to Download the Travel & Tourism Information System Project .Net Project Source code, Tourist Information System Abstract, Documentation, Project Report.

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  1. Actually,on what technology does ur source code works on.If you people can provide entire details of the .net project it will be easy to us so as to design a better project with goodvfeatures in it.It will be really thankful

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