Transformer Efficiency Measuring Meter

  • Project Title: “Transformer Efficiency Measuring Meter”      
  • Software Requirements: keil software to store programmes in micro controller

            Project Description:  Here this Transformer Efficiency Measuring Meter Electrical Engineering final year project system is developed, which does all the calculations internally through an embedded system and will be displayed through the LCD screen. This proto-type module is constructed with 1:1 ratio single phase power transformer that generates 220V at secondary and is able to deliver a maximum output power of 110 Watts. With the help of two CT’s and two PT’s, currents and voltages of both windings of the transformer are measured & converted into digital by the ADC. Based on this digital information, the controller program is prepared to calculate the efficiency internally and displays it in the LCD. This project was developed with keil software tool, the main purpose of this tool is to store embedded c programs ton micro controller.

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