Tracking Police Man Using RF Proximity Card

Tracking police man using RF proximity card embedded system project explains about new method for bank officials for checking their security of the bank by implementing accurate method to control police officials. In present scenario banks are playing important role in providing security for people for saving their money, gold..Etc. So banks are taking serious steps to maintain security like hiring police officials at night time for patrolling banks, but there are chances in irregularity of police officials so this method will provide card system for every police official who should scratch his card. Data and time is stored inside system which can connect to computer and analyze details of his attendance.  Functionality RTC is providing the clock with date and time, and this date and time is displaying in LCD. When the police man swipe the card, RF reader will read the card and decode the card value. Decoded card value is send to microcontroller. Microcontroller is receiving the card value and the card value is stored in external EEPROM memory with the swiped date and time. Details of the card swiping are retrieved by connecting the machine to a PC. After connecting to PC through serial port, valid password is required to retrieve the data. Upon successful entry of the password data will transfer from machine to PC. 

download  TRACKING POLICE MAN USING RF PROXIMITY CARD Embedded system Abstract.

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