Knowledge Management System Asp.Net Project Source Code

Knowledge management system project is implemented in platform. This project is a web application which is similar to that of Scribd where users can download and upload documents, PDF and paper presentations.

This application is one of the new inventions on the web through which users can share and download required documents for free of cost.

This application is developed by adding basic features like user registration, password management, creating deleting and editing posts, uploading documents and downloading documents and rating documents.

This application can be implemented as a mini project for third-year students to gain knowledge on C# programming and

Here you can download entire project source code with step by step procedure for executing the project.

download knowledge management system project source code and project abstract.

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  1. Build a project for Client Server communication that distribute the application structure that partitions the tasks or workload between the providers of a resource or service, called servers and service requesters called clients. Make use of the internet model to design the client server model using web server.

    Knowledge Management System in

    Build a project for the KEDB (Knowledge management portal) that would track the learning of individual employee. It collects all the data that is learnt by the staffs, suggest the learning path based on their skill set. It also keep track of the individual customer knowledge data and the version control against each document. It should facilitate the usage of KEDB that could be uploaded into the cloud environment

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