The Importance Of Information Sharing Within The Organization

The information sharing is the important government goal to deliver the more efficient and better public services, which are coordinates the individual needs. For promoting welfare and safeguarding and for public protection, the information sharing is important o enable the previous preventive and intervention work. It is plays the important role to improve the all outcomes.

          Information sharing is allows the business to determine the accurate customer needs and efficiently and rapidly meet those needs. Moreover, allows the consumers and allows the interested low cost opportunities. Information sharing is used to expand the access of consumer to the wide range of products and services and enhances the customer services and convenience. It is used to improve the efficiency of the products and services and reduces those services cost.

The legal responsibilities in the sourcing, sharing and storing information: 

Organizational information needs:

          To determine the needs of organization for information contains the two approaches. They are

  • To understand the manager information needs by considering the decision types.
  • To consider the important business

Types of decisions:

          The decision of the information sharing is divided into two categories. They are

  • Strategic decisions
  • Operational decisions

Strategic decisions:

          These decisions are related to the policy formulation. These decisions are influences the business strategy and future direction. For example, start the price war and to introduce the new product line. Moreover the decisions effects also stay and influence the organization direction and future strategy.

Operational decisions:

          These decisions are related to the organization running for every day. These decisions are repeat and shorter term decisions, which are used to planning, monitoring, coordinating and controlling the business daily (day-to-day) activities. For example, requires the staff for which department and organization contains the enough funds to meet the daily needs. Moreover, constantly, the decisions are remade or made through the short-term planning cycle.

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