Term Paper on Mobile Phone Is It a Boon or Baneto Humans

Introduction to Term Paper on Mobile Phone Is It a Boon or Baneto Humans:

Looking at the great increasing development in the mobile fields not only the rich persons but a normal person also gets attracted to the advantages of the cell phones so this becomes a key role to the normal persons.

The mobile phone era has played such a magic on the people’s mind that in India about 70% of the people are using the cell phones and among them are 20% are children using the mobile phones. But these mobile phones are passing radiations that even affects the person’s health too. These cell usages also cause a brain damage due to the radiations passing through it.

Mainly children’s are affected fastly by the mobile radiations and then the radiations will after affect the brain damage. The Medical survey came to the conclusion that the continuous of the cell phones for more than 8 years on the time period of 6 hours per day may guarantee lead to the death of that person.

The frequencies of the radiations are different to the different cell phones model.  Some cell phones are like those who radiate a large number of frequencies of radiations. Now a day’s cell company are making a cell phones very attractive that attracts the person’s radiation and then it passes a high radiation that leads to the health of that person. This article briefly gives information about the presentation of the damage cause to brain due to mobile phones.

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