Technical Seminar Presentation on Private Branch Exchange with PPT for ECE Students

Introduction to Technical Seminar Presentation on Private Branch Exchange:

The paper is about private branch exchange, it means routing the calls between the caller and receiver. It is basically a device which is used for switching the telephonic calls with

 in the same building like office or a block.

In the earlier days, there used to be an attendant and his duty is connecting the calls manually between the caller and the receiver i.e. the person who is being called and all this is done manually by physically inserting a card.

In the present system proposes an automation of services of the PBX. Where the services are computerized i.e. PABX is implemented which is an automated version of PBX. By using the PABX performance increases because more telephonic calls can be handled at a time. I.e. it provides faster communication.

There are various generation of PBX implementation. The features of the Fifth Generation include usage of broadband digital switching and also the transmission is via the optics. It provides the features of integrated voice, data and also video. And also optical switching is integrated.

The functionality of PBX is used for providing the communication to number of users within a group or the same building. The architecture of PBXs resembles a star network with the central switching unit connected to all the devices.

We can conclude that the overall functionality of PBX is simple.  It can serve as a gateway for communication of data to longer distances. As this implementation is experiment type the dialing number is limited to a single digit therefore these are to be made before they are actual being used in public places. Thus we can conclude it as the effective device for providing communication.

Download  Technical Seminar Presentation on Private Branch Exchange with PPT for ECE Students.

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