Students Marks List Line Chart Project in Asp.Net & VB

Project Name: Students Marks List Line Chart

Project Client: Siddhartha Higher Secondary School

Software Requirements:, VB Script, SQL Server 2005, MS Excel

Developer Responsibility: Project Requirements, Project Analysis of the functionality, Coding with ASP.Net, Created and maintained various Graphical User Interface. 

Project Description:

The main aim of this Students Marks List Line Chart Final Year Project is to create automate tool with the help of ASP.Net and VB to Help Students and Teachers in Primary Schools aas well as Higher Secondary Schools. This Web Application helps school students and parents to view the rank card through online. The main feature of this project is providing online rank card where parents can see all exams marks in a single window and other main thing is they can compare their child marks with themselves and other high scored marks using DYNAMIC LINE CHART. The high scored marks get filtered by each subject wise, Class wise, Teacher Wise. So this helps to compare the student’s knowledge absolutely. The line chart is created by vb Programming Technology. It’s generating to each student on spot. This can be the mini project for all Engineering Students.

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